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'Mightily impressed' by bipartisan acceptance of command swap

Let me finish tonight with a calm grandeur of our constitution.

Let me finish tonight with a calm grandeur of our constitution.What those who love this country love best, above the God-given beauty of this continent, is what we the people have created here: this amazing American constitution that places the elected president of the United States as commander in chief of the military.The columnist David Freddoso said it well in today's Washington Examiner, it all began with George Washington, who after defeating the British army in our great revolution, relinquished his commission and returned to private life, walking away from the power that has intoxicated so many other independence leaders, ruined so many other attempts at self-government.But even Promethean role models cannot preserve model governments. Statues can only stand as guides. It takes the living to lead and loyal citizens to follow.I am so mightily impressed by the manner in which Republicans have joined Democrats is accepting the necessity of this change of command in Afghanistan. Back in 1951 when a far starker challenge to authority took place on the Korean War front, partisanship reared its head. The last 24 hours have seen precious little of it, to the great credit of men like John McCain and Lindsay Graham and John Boehner and Peter King and others. They have all stood up and saluted the constitutional rightness of what had to be done in this situation. They did so without wavering or wobbling or using the occasion to take an underhanded shot at the president or the hard campaign he is pursuing in Afghanistan. Their conduct at this moment matched the question at hand: not whether we believe the policy correct but whether we believe the chain of command constitutional. That and that only was the decision here: to recognize who has the duty to show respect to the commander in chief and who must make the call or whether they met that duty.Again, it made me proud today of our country and its constitution. Thank you, General Petraeus for meeting the call to serve. Thank you, General McChrystal for respecting through your dignified resignation your ultimate commitment to the President and his policy. Thank you, leaders of the Republican Party for saluting at this difficult moment calmly and without waver the authority of the President.

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