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Midterm advice for Dems: Play to your strengths

Let me finish tonight with the politics of this November.

Let me finish tonight with the politics of this November.If the Republicans want to roll up the score, they're on the right path. Energized by the tea party grassroots, driven by a nasty economy and by a ferocious propaganda campaign that paints the Democrat in the White House as a terrorist sympathizer, they can just keep doing what they're doing: shouting anger about unemployment, government spending and national debt all the while praising the Lord.Just sell how bad things are and the joys of deliverance, first by them, later by faith to heaven.Democrats have a tougher task: how to win when things are so darn bad?The smart, tough, hard-nosed strategy is to play to your strengths.Democrats have always been trusted first and last on the economic basics - bread and butter - looking out for people in trouble. They're the party you vote for when you're unemployed, when you really need unemployment insurance, when you're worried about retiring and needing every cent of that social security check you spent your life working for.Democrats are also the people you tend to trust when you see that the grand, loudly promised benefits of global-ism and greater productivity are going to the boys on Wall Street, when your factory is closing, when you're being cut from a job you've spend decades doing your very best. That's right. Democrats are who you look to when you see that the fellows making profits from cost-cutting and laying off workers and out-sourcing are the better-off Republicans.Look, this is going to be a tough year for the Democrats but if they're smart they'll start talking about real ways to create jobs - making steel to build rapid rail track and fast-moving trains; bringing back big, heavy good-paying industrial jobs that put men and women to work here in our American neighborhoods, because of real capital investments in rebuilding our subways and bridges and road systems. Real jobs that replace the smell of decay with the healthy smell of construction - of dirt being moved, and foundations being laid, and real, good old, almost forgotten factory noise.Oh, you'll be knocked for talking like this. You'll be mocked by the smoother, better-off critics out there. But the working people will hear you as real, and you, Mr. and Mrs. Democrat may well end up with a good piece of the political action even this November, not only that but one day, sooner than you think, with a place in the sun.Democrats! Did you hear me? Play your strengths: work and wages.

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