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Matthews: 'We're back to business!'

Let me finish tonight with a simple statement of fact but also hope.

Let me finish tonight with a simple statement of fact but also hope. We're back to business!

That business is the making of a choice between the two kinds of country we want to live in.

Do you want to live in a country where forty or fifty million Americans and climbing won't have health care? They just go without a doctor, without medicine, without help with their health when they need it? Or do you want to live in a country where people "have" health protection and are required to pay what they can for it.

Nothing is perfect, but make your choice. What kind of a country do you want to live in: one in which gay and bi-sexual and transgender people are cut out of the mainstream, relegated to second-class or no rights - or one in which we are all God's children and fully appreciated that way?

Your choice: because these two political parties disagree.

Do you want to live in a country where the Commander-in-Chief operates under the influence of the hawkish neo-cons or one in which a president makes prudent decisions we may not always like, but who works to find a way to bring our troops home - not bizarre ideological ways to justify sending them off to new countries to invade and occupy.

Yes, there is a choice. Compare the administrations of Clinton and Obama with those of the Bushes - let's see: Iraq the first time, then Panama, then Somalia; then Bush the second, weeeeh! - into Afghanistan, supposedly to catch Bin Laden, then, off again to Iraq. Compare that to Clinton - the air strikes over Kosovo - and Obama - this thing in Libya which doesn't involve our troops.

What kind of presidents to want? The ones who lean into war or those who lean against?

What kind of a country do you want: one that protects the environment, is concerned about man-made climate change - that believes in science - or the other - those who believe man inherited the earth to basically pig out on what God has given us, who believe that man's knowledge shouldn't get in the exploiting the heck out this planet as fast as possible?

Good choices, not all that hard to make, so stick with us. Anthony Weiner's got some time-out and some growing up to do. Maybe we all do. As I said, we're back to business.