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Matthews: There's no logic behind conspiracy theories

Let me finish tonight with the paranoids of American politics.These are the people who believe the world is conspiring against them.  It's a fearful, insane

Let me finish tonight with the paranoids of American politics.

These are the people who believe the world is conspiring against them.  It's a fearful, insane world of everyone out to get you, everyone relentlessly meeting in secret to destroy your world, your hopes, and your dreams. 

Is there any logic to it?  You've got to be kidding me.

It is a demented view of the world that holds no logic for the basic reason that fear of the unknown requires no logic. Thinking isn't necessary. The fear alone does the work for you.

I give you the trio of conspiracy theories.

One is that the people in power in this country killed Jack Kennedy. The CIA, the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover, the Vice President, Lyndon Johnson, the Joint Chiefs, oh, throw in the Dallas Police, even the Irish mafia who worked for the late president.  They were all in this, all in the plot to send his car down the same street where L. Harvey Oswald waited a few floors up with his rifle, where he'd had his job for weeks - long before the motorcade route had been planned.   This is grand conspiracy, the best kind! - where everyone was in it together so that they continue a horribly unpopular war in Vietnam. 

Like that?  Here's another one for you.  That the President of the United States blew up the World Trade Center - It was he, George W. Bush, behind all the smoke and mirrors, who pushed down that plunger and exploded those buildings - just as those pretend airplanes went in.  He did the same to the Pentagon - blew it up.  That airplane never even went into that building.  Got it?  This is how it went down.  Bush and the neo-cons did it all to get us - you get, into war.  Everything was faked - by the men in the highest positions in our government - all working together - all keeping the secret - the one they hatched in those back rooms you and me are not allowed to enter. 

Got one more for you.  Some people got together back in the early 1960s.  They had this plot to get this mixed race guy elected president of the United States someday.  So here's what they did: they got him born outside the country so they could lie and say he was born inside the country.  They set it up so the local newspapers would announce his birth in some regular American address - how about Honolulu - so that he could be eligible to run.  Clever, huh?  They got the government of Hawaii to cooperate and create a phony certificate. They got his father to split for Africa when he was two years old.  They got him scholarships to Columbia and Harvard Law - got him head of the law review - got him elected senator from Illinois,  got it all put together, these people did.

A loony bin. That's where these people belong. In a loony bin, not in Congress, not running for president, not anywhere where sane, honest people try as hard as we can to run this great country of ours.

There's a place for people like this.  Standing at the New York Port Authority bus terminal - engaged in an animated, excited conversation - with - nobody. 

Why anybody would want to imitate one of these people is beyond me.