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Matthews on the life of JFK

Let me finish tonight with this.I'm in Boston a tonight I have the honor to address the John F.

Let me finish tonight with this.

I'm in Boston a tonight I have the honor to address the John F. Kennedy Library about the life of the 35th president.

It's a story of courage in the South Pacific, of a young man who came home with the goal of preventing another World War, one he knew would be far more horrible. It's how he taught himself the unforgiving profession of politics, how to inspire people but also to move other politicians through charm and tough leadership. 

But the most powerful story is the harrowing set of events that were the Cuban Missile Crisis, where a young president led his country in averting a nuclear war.  It's a tale of true grace under pressure.

I have enjoyed traveling the country telling this story, getting people to pick it up and read it.  I want to remind people who lived through those days that they were real, that the heroism they saw was genuine, to help them tell their children what they missed and what young people today need to demand of their leaders - true courage, true leadership through troubled times.

Christmas is coming, a time to recharge this country spiritually.  I truly believe that the story of Jack Kennedy is just the right one for this winter of our country's discontent. 

It's good to know, especially now, that we once had a hero for a president, a liberal Democratic president who led us bravely and successfully.  He taught us courage, saved us from horror, backed civil rights, sent people like me around the world in the Peace Corps, and, yes, took us to the moon. 

It will be a great honor to speak tonight at the Kennedy Library here in Boston to bring it all back.