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Matthews: Romney's business record does not qualify him to direct the country

Let me finish tonight with this.Mitt Romney has one pitch. Since it's his only pitch, he makes it again and again.

Let me finish tonight with this.

Mitt Romney has one pitch. Since it's his only pitch, he makes it again and again. It's that he is a man of business, someone who's spent his life in business doing it, thinking about it, experiencing it, and this is why he, Mitt Romney, is a better man than the President to direct the business of the country. 

But the question, an important one, is whether Romney would take his business training and use it for the country, or take the office of the presidency and use it to help his fellow business people? Will he serve the people or the CEOs? The 99 percent or the 1 percent? 

It's a basic, useful question to ask. What if he plays the business game in ways that favor the wealthy like himself? What if he cuts taxes for the wealthy? What if he eliminates environmental and safety regulations? What if he pulls down the financial regulations put in place since the crash of '08 and '09? What if he sides with the wheeler-dealers and opens the door for all hell to break loose like it did under Bush? What if he can't see what was done wrong, but wants instead to do it all over again? 


This is the danger. We elect presidents to look out for the people. Business, especially the people like Mitt Romney, already have a voice in our national government. They're called "lobbyists." They push for lower taxes for the rich, lower taxes on corporations. They work with friends in Congress to pull back on regulation, to make life easier for them, to make more money.  

Would we like one of these lobbyists to be our next president? Would we like someone who thinks only about the interests of big business deciding what taxes we pay, what working conditions we have to endure, what protections we get for food safety, airline safety, the safety of our investments from Wall Street sharpies?  

Is that who we want looking out for us, the people whose primary concern is the bottom line of those Mitt Romney calls "the successful"?  Government of, by and for the economic elite? Is that what we want? Because if you listen, you can hear that this is precisely what the Man from Bain is selling.