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Matthews: Romney-Ryan is a bad bromance

Let me finish tonight with this.  Think about a blind date. Remember those?

Let me finish tonight with this.  

Think about a blind date. Remember those? It's when you go out on a potentially romantic evening with someone you've never met before who somebody you trust says you're going to click with, maybe even marry.

Poor Mitt Romney has the look these days of a guy stuck on one such date. He keeps trying to say it's all going smoothly. They like the same restaurant, they both laughed at the same time in the movie...but there seems to be something wrong here. 

This date of his is deadly serious about things, really seems stubbornly committed to what's important, what's not. Turns out couldn't be less like him. He wants to play the field, keep his options open, see what comes along, make the best of things. He's not really all that serious about getting serious. 

His blind date is deadly serious. That's why he went out on this date, to find someone who's the same way. 

So if this thing we're all watching — this tango between Mitt and Paul — seems like it's not going so swimmingly, the reason is right there in their faces. One of these believes deeply in what matters in this world, and the other just wants to get through the day. One is a person of deep and serious conviction; the other is open to whatever comes along. 

Is it going to work? If life is any example, the person who really cares about something — religion, deep political belief — is the one who calls the shots. The one who doesn't goes along. 

I'd keep my eye on this Ryan person. I think he's the one to tell us which way this duo is headed. Ryan, not Romney, believes in things. The other part of this Odd Couple just wants that ring on his finger.