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Matthews: Romney isn't what the GOP wants

Let me finish tonight with this.

Let me finish tonight with this. The reported collapse in Mitt Romney's poll numbers reminds me of the old story about the well-advertised dog food. 

The campaign to sell it was great. It came in a brightly-colored can.  The owner thought it was the best possible food to be serving his pet.  But no matter what, after all the great advertising, and the great response by the owner, the dog just wouldn't eat it - he just kept looking at his bowl.

This is the Republican Party today.  After all the advertising and the sales pitch about how good the dog food is, the dog just doesn't like it.

The reason is pretty clear.  Romney's not what they want, especially this year. The Republican right is angry this year and Romney isn't.  He wants the job alright.  He wants to beat Obama to get it - but he's not out to beat Obama for the very "purpose" of beating Obama the way red-hot Republicans are.

Newt is.  You watch him tear into the moderator last night and you get it.  He's ticked off the way most Republicans are ticked off.  He doesn't dislike the media the way most red hot Republicans do.  He's not angry with the government the way they are.

This is an election primarily about the country's mood.  Newt Gingrich speaks with the attitude of conservative Republicans that the country's establishment is out to get them. 

Because he does, he has a great chance to be its leader.