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Matthews: Romney is all talk, no guts

Let me finish tonight with this: Mitt Romney just took another shot at former President Jimmy Carter. Okay Mitt, you picked this fight.

Let me finish tonight with this: Mitt Romney just took another shot at former President Jimmy Carter. 

Okay Mitt, you picked this fight.  So let's start with guts.

President Carter had the guts to take two warring countries--Israel and Egypt--to Camp David and come back with a peace treaty. Carter had the guts when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan to cut off grain shipments to the invader even if it hurt American farmers on the eve of the Iowa caucuses. He refused to send American athletes to the Moscow Olympics. Why? Because he knew this was a way to reach the Soviet Union where it hurts.  

President Carter had the guts to give the Panamanians control of the Panama Canal against all the right wing hootin' and hollerin'. That's right. Things didn't turn out right for him--that's the politics of the thing--and he took it hard. But whatever you say about Carter, he regularly, relentlessly, did the things that were good for the country: pushing human rights around the world, pushing for energy conservation (the country club boys had a lot of fun with that one!), pushing for an end to nuclear non-proliferation.  

He worried about the things we worry about today and took stands that needed to be taken, like making sure nuclear weapons didn't get in the hands of the wrong people. Reagan, remember, said that was none of our concern. 

Speaking of which, it's not really, when you think about it, all that gutsy to call for tax cuts. It's not gutsy to say, "Fill 'er up!" and go buy yourself a big car. It's not gutsy, Mitt, to buckle to Grover Nordquist and sign any piece of paper he puts in front of you on taxes so he won't take you off his "list," or buckle to the neo-cons by installing them all around you, or buckling to the right and dumping any gay staffer who dares show himself. 

When is Mitt Romney entitled to question Jimmy Carter? Try this on for size Mitt: the first time you show a whit of the guts that man, Jimmy Carter, did again and again and again.