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Matthews: RNC's biggest lie was that GOP wanted Obama to succeed

Let me finish tonight with this.Tampa was dampa. Now it's about to hit the hampa.

Let me finish tonight with this.

Tampa was dampa. Now it's about to hit the hampa. But before it does, let's remember it well.

Let's remember that the party convention held this week showed the raw power of people with a megaphone, a billion dollar megaphone capable of trumpeting out the same message regardless of how often or how successfully that message is impeached by objective critics, no matter how clearly it is tagged off-base.  

The biggest fib offered up last night in Tampa was the claim Republicans wanted President Obama to succeed.

Really? Did anyone get that word to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell? How about U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan who, we're told, attended a meeting to undercut the Obama administration the night of the inauguration? How many times these last four years have we looked at the Republican House and seen a caucus devoted to rejecting President Obama's programs?

Mitt Romney said last night that he had truly wished for President Obama to succeed because his success would have been good for the country. How, you have to ask, did that assertion square with his decision to run against and plan to defeat President Obama long before the President had even taken the oath of office?