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Matthews: Rep. King is 'King of the Crazies'

Let me finish tonight with this.It's about this "King of the Crazies," U.S.

Let me finish tonight with this.

It's about this "King of the Crazies," U.S. Congressman Steve King, Republican of Iowa.

So he goes through the records, documents the newspaper announcements of President Obama's birth in Hawaii, and continues to push the birther case.  

This maker of laws continues to maintain that the President of the United States wasn't born in the United States, that somehow a white woman from Kansas married a guy from Kenya, then went over with him to Kenya to have the baby they named "Barack Hussein Obama" with the purpose of having the kid grow up to be our American president. She did all this with the cooperation of the Immigration Service who were in on the plan, again, to make this about-to-be infant the President of the United States a half century later.  

Any sane person would ask the question: if this woman from Kansas had this idea to have her son elected president, would she (a) marry a guy from East Africa; (b) schedule the delivery of their baby in East Africa; (c) take the boy with her to Indonesia for several years, and (d) create a false paper trail, including newspaper announcements, that placed the child's birth in a state far from the North American mainland?

The King of the Crazies has an interesting way of thinking. He asks why anyone would want to outlaw dog fighting or cock fighting or anything like it when we allow humans to fight. Is there a trick in that question? Obviously, people who fight decide to fight. Animals are thrown in an arena — perhaps in someone's garage — and prodded into fighting. Is that difference too cool for school?

Mr. King has voted against a number of measures to ban animal fighting. What bothers him is that we protect animals but not humans. He says a sexual predator can impregnate a 13 year-old (which he says happens more times than you or I would know), haul her across the state line, and force her to get an abortion, then bring her back and drop her off at the playground where he found her. 

All this, he suggests, can be done quite legally while we're suppressing the urge to have animals duke it out.  

"What kind of a country is it?" he implores us.  

Well, Mr. King of the Crazies, it's not here. The only thing both weird, and real, in these stories of yours is the real-life U.S. congressman out there telling them.