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Matthews: 'Progress takes time'

A half century ago, bigotry in this country had a somewhat different face.

A half century ago, bigotry in this country had a somewhat different face. A large number of Protestant ministers nationwide held a meeting in Washington, DC to stop a certain candidate from winning the presidency. The candidate causing the wildfire of concern was John F. Kennedy. The problem causing the concern was his religion.  He was Roman Catholic.

The word is out that a group of conservative Christians is holding a similar meeting now to deal with another candidate they see as a danger to their philosophy.  His name is Mitt Romney: the concern, at least on the surface, is that he is not a conservative, not a true one.

What's interesting is that the two "rival" candidates that the conservative Christian group in Texas is thinking of endorsing, one would assume, are Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.  Either one of whom, again it's fair to assume, are likely candidates to unite the 75 percent of the Republican electorate that is unhappy with the questionable politics of Mitt Romney. 

So this is progress, I would have to say.   Fifty-two years ago, the keepers of the traditional American flame met to keep the gates guarded against a Roman Catholic.  This time around they are meeting to consider which of the two Roman Catholics to endorse - to gather within their circled wagons - for the all-out fight with the invading forces.

Progress takes time.  A half a century ago, Jack Kennedy had to defend himself against the defending forces of Americana.  This time around two of his co-religionists are up for the big prize of getting their endorsement.