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Matthews: How can you not love the Florida GOP battle?

How can you not love this battle in Florida?Here you have two candidates: one, the prince of the establishment, the other charging with his battering ram. One,

How can you not love this battle in Florida?

Here you have two candidates: one, the prince of the establishment, the other charging with his battering ram. 

One, bereft of spontaneity, robot-like in his earnestness to learn how people behave - the other speaking from the gut of every ticked-off voter watching him from the sidewalk.  What a display of personal opposites - both fighting to the political death to represent the same political party, to be the champion of the same partisan demand.

Look, I think this is going to be a close election this November - real close.  The tough economy almost dictates it.  We Americans are a demanding bunch and we don't like economic failure, refuse to accept economic decline and we're always looking for options, especially when things aren't so great.

But, this demolition derby that's going on before our eyes - climaxing with another ringside event tonight - is just too good to be true if you're Barack Obama - too wildly lucky of him if you're watching the spectacle.  

How can a political party put on such a show of clowns followed by this gladiatorial spectacle we're catching now? How could a party be so benighted as to think this is what the American people want to see?

I don't know if Newt has the mojo to keep this going, whether he can land some sound punches tonight and get some applause for them -  get enough votes for them next Tuesday.

I do know that the man from Georgia is raising issues that the Democrats will find more than handy this fall: the most important being that Mitt Romney has benefited from the unfairness in the American tax system

What the Democrats need to add to this charge is that, not only is he a beneficiary of an unfair system, he wants to make it more unfair.  He wants to give further breaks to the guy - him - who makes more in a day without working than the average American does in a year through the sweat of his brow.  He, Mitt Romney, wants to intervene in the affairs of man to give more to the man on top.  He wants to make our tax law more favorable to the very rich than it already is. If Newt isn't ready to challenge that in debate, President Obama should be.

This is going to be a great national election this fall.  We can thank Newt Gingrich for making it an even hotter one.