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Matthews: Horrid economic news must be a wake-up call

Let me finish tonight on this tough hard note it's come to.

Let me finish tonight on this tough hard note it's come to.  I'm talking about this coming election.  There was a sense on the part of the Obama people in the White House and out in Chicago that the main thrust had to be negative.  The economy's not going to perk up that much, so the goal had to be going at Romney as hard as possible.  You couldn't rely on defense; only a strong offense guaranteed the best chance of victory.

I think today's horrid economic news - the pathetic number of new jobs this past month, the even worse number of new jobs in the figures coming in for the previous two months - must be a wake-up call.  

"Now hear this!"  There is little way that Obama will win the election in the middle - where it will be fought - by telling people that things are bad, but they'd be even worse under Romney.   You can't sell 'out of the frying pan, into the fire.' Why? Because the American people are at their core an optimistic people.  We don't believe the only alternative to a "bad" outlook is a "worse" outlook.

 That's not how we're put together.  We have to believe.  We have to have faith.  We have to see a better day coming if we make the right decision.

Romney promises a fresh start. If he is to beat him, President Obama needs to promise fresh hope.  The only way he can do that is to 'do something.'  Words won't do the trick.   

It's June 1, time for a summer offensive, but it must be based on a policy, an economic policy, not a political one.  He needs to take action that gets this economy moving again.  That's what the voter wants.  That's what he or she will vote for.