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Matthews on GOP: Where have all the grownups gone?

Let me finish tonight with the tilt on the right.A lot happens in a few months.   This past autumn the trees rustled with word that the Republicans were

Let me finish tonight with the tilt on the right.

A lot happens in a few months.   This past autumn the trees rustled with word that the Republicans were looking for a solid candidate to run next time.   The president was down in the polls, his party having taken a whuppin at the polls.

So, as usually happens when it looks like a good year, the party wanted to run its best - someone who could not just win but be a potentially significant president.  

Things change.  Now, with Obama on the upswing, the right is looking to do what both political parties do when chances look slim: they decide to do their dance of death, their wild, orgiastic crazed exhibition of who they really in their dreams want to be.

Goldwater was the man in 1964.  After Jack Kennedy was killed, nobody was going to win on the right. People felt bad and Johnson was president and that was the way it was going to be.

In 1972, after Richard Nixon's stunning trip to China, the Democrats dumped the serious contender, the solid Ed Muskie, and went with the 100 proof anti-war guy, George McGovern. Fine fellow.  Wasn't gonna win, not even with the early word on Watergate, probably not even with the full word.

So here we are again and it's wacky time on the right.  Palin's out there with her off-the-wall history of the space race in which the Ruskies beat us to the moon.  You'd think the full-mooners would get "that" one right!!!  Mush, you Ruskies!!!

Dear Sarah, I thought you believed in American exceptionalism. We won that race.  Remember "one giant step for Mankind." Where was your head at.   Sorry, sore subject.

As for her rival from Fargo country, Michelle Bachman believes slavery got dumped by those guys who wrote the Constitution. 

Why don't you read it, congresswoman?   Bring Back the Good Ole Days!  It says African-Americans are 3/5's people.  How's that for "original intent?" Justice Scalia!

Anyway, when it's not looking good for actually winning the next election, political parties start clearing the bench - like the basketball coach who knows even at half-time that this isn't their night.

Right now, it looks stronger for Obama, a longer shot for the Republicans who you see giving the ball to the less stable performers, the ones who take the hail mary shots.

You'll know Obama's in trouble when you start hearing talk about Mitch Daniels and Jeb Bush - Republicans who just might actually have the stuff to be president.