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Matthews: 'Goodbye Trump and hello reality'

Let me finish tonight with the disastrous marriage of the Republicans and the Tea Party.Would anyone marry for hate rather than love?   It's a hell of a

Let me finish tonight with the disastrous marriage of the Republicans and the Tea Party.

Would anyone marry for hate rather than love?   It's a hell of a question, isn't it?   A terrible question.  Why would you even ask it?  Why on earth would anyone marry someone, hitch up with them, because of hatred?

Well, this is the exact problem of the Republican Party today.  It got married, hitched up politically, with the Tea Party, but not because the Tea Party loves the Republican Party - don't even think about that happening this week?

No, the marriage between the Republicans and the Tea Party is based on hatred - hatred of government, hatred of the Democrats, hatred of Barack Obama. What's love got to do with it?  Zip.  You've got to be kidding.

Look at how this marriage is coming apart and you'll see what was based on?

Look at the latest CNN poll.  It's got Donald Trump right up there near the top, just inches below Huckabee, the other guy that just dropped out.  Trump was running on one issue: how much trash talk he was able to say at Obama - wasn't born here, didn't really go to high school where he said he did, had bad grades, couldn't write very well, a "con" artist, all the imagery of anger at him.  

Anyone listening got the point.  Look at how this rang the bell of the Tea Partiers.   Why don't Romney or Pawlenty or the other mainstream Republicans talk like this?  Same reason the mainstream media doesn't: because it's not true, none of it.   Obama was born an American, went to school where he said he did, got the grades, wrote the book, got to where he is the way any sane person figured he did.

But the Tea Partiers can't take it, the haters can't take it.  And this is why they jumped for joy with Trump.  He gave them exactly what they wanted to hear, exactly what Republican candidates can't say because it simply isn't true.  All it is hate.

And this is why the marriage is failing, why it's coming apart between the Republicans and the Tea Partiers, because the Republicans will not say what the Tea Partiers live for: the hatred of government, of the Democrats, of President Obama.  They have to hear that he doesn't simply disagree with them, but that he's not one of us, that he's evil.   Hatred is what works over there and it's "over there" that spells political death for the Republicans.

So I predict this marriage won't make it.  It's not making it now.  The Tea Partiers married the Republicans because they thought they shared their hatred and found out Republicans simply have a different view of government than the Democrats, and not even that on the key issue of the individual mandate.

So goodbye Trump and hello reality.  If the Tea Partiers vote for the Republican next November, it isn't going to be about love and it's not going to be a walk down the aisle together.  It's going to come near the end and it's going to be - damn it! I guess I have to vote for this guy just because I hate Obama so much.   

Not exactly a marriage made in heaven; in fact, no marriage at all.