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Matthews: Goodbye, Chris Christie

Chris Christie, Goodbye.

Chris Christie, Goodbye. Chris Christie, don't cry.

I watched some of the speech today, the New Jersey governor's kiss goodbye to the presidential race and it was kind of a let-down overall.  He said he couldn't come up with a reason to not complete his term as governor, which made, I figure, a couple of not-so-great points.

One, he's no Sarah Palin, heading off from a job he'd been duly elected to, a job he, in his words, asked to have. Two, he's no Rick Perry, who's quite willing to spend a year running for president while still keeping the governor's job. Three, he's no Mitt Romney, because he's now clearly intent on, unlike Romney, running for and winning a second term.

Christie's decision not to run for President leaves a fairly dreary field back there, a field so dreary, so needy, that it sat there, in the political time-out corner, while he made up his mind.  So left behind that it's only now, in the wake of Christie's departure, that we all see that Rick Perry is now tied with Herman Cain in the national polls of whom Republicans say they want to have as their nominee.  Not only that, but he's rising at such a pace he could - by next week - be the party's out-and-out frontrunner.

Donald Trump, then Michelle Bachmann, then Rick Perry, then the quest for Chris Christie, now the real Debbie Downer, the cold, sad final realization that this, Mr. and Mrs. Republican, is all there is.

This is going to end up the Mitt and Rick show from here to Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, and, after that, soon probably only one of them, only Mitt or only Rick.

I can't see the Republicans nominating either one of them with any conviction. Picking Mitt would be like outsourcing the nomination. I can't believe the Tea Partiers are excited about trading four more years of attacking Obama for eight of applauding Romney.

Should Perry end up the nominee, millions of Republicans will go to bed each night scared that their nominee will have blown it before they get up the next day.

So the only choice Republican voters have now is one candidate who's proven himself to be a bit shaky and another who's solid as a rock but also, many of them are afraid, as exciting as one.

Can't wait to get to Tampa, can you?