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Matthews: Good for Obama that Iraq is over

The War in Iraq.  George W.

The War in Iraq.  George W. and the Neo-Cons war to get Saddam Hussein.  The war that took us away from fighting the terrorists who attacked us to fighting a war the hawks wanted us to fight.

What an embarrassment this war has been; a war we were brought into by someone's limited ability - using odd-sounding phrases like "WMD,"  phrases that forever conflated for propaganda sake nuclear weapons with the building of nuclear weapons to the possibility of building nuclear weapons to the desire to use nuclear weapons to - okay - chemical weapons, plans to have chemical weapons, to a history of having used chemical weapons, to a possible desire to have chemical weapons to, okay, we got that one wrong. 

There was nothing there.  We knew that because of a defense intelligence estimate before the war that said Saddam had no nuclear weapons, had no effort underway to build any, and had no effort underway to buy any nuclear weapons. 

It was this endless dissembling and word-gaming that got a thin majority of the American people to back the invasion and take-over of another country. 

It was the total support of one political party - the Republicans - and the pathetic collaboration of a second - the Democrats  - that allowed this American war in Iraq to take place in the first place.

And today, the President who ran against the war, announced that it will be over, come Christmas.  Good. 

Bad that it was ever fought. Good that is is over.  Good.  Good for Obama.  Good. 

But again, and never to be forgotten, bad that we ever did it.  Bad that so many Americans were talked into it by double-talk and cheap propaganda that should have been cut through by the media like a knife through soft butter.