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Matthews: Gingrich – just what the 'devil ordered?'

We're heading into Florida politically. So get this straight.  We're not going to Disney Land.

We're heading into Florida politically. So get this straight.  We're not going to Disney Land. This isn't Magic Johnson yelling out that everything's wonderful.  We've won the NBA championship and we're headed to the Magic Kingdom.

No.   What Newt and Mitt and entering now - here in this state - is the real world of 2012, the world of people's houses being below the water level - being worth less than the mortgages they are paying every month, maybe in some cases at more than 5 percent.

In one county here - Flagler - the average house price has dropped from plummeted from $260,000 to $120,000. Think about that.  Get your head around those numbers.  One day you’re house is worth more than a quarter million, the next it's down to about $100,000. That's what you're worth now.

Think about the average retirement savings and where that stands compared to a few years ago.  Think about the outlook for your kids compared to the 1990s.  Down here the unemployment rate is way over the national  number - up around double digit. What's that do to the chances of launching yourself into the good life?   What's that say about parents watching their children trying to make it, wondering if they gave them the right start after all?

So, this isn’t Disney World.  It’s not the Magic Kingdom.  This Sushine state is a land of empty condos, mile after mile of them, once the stuff that middle class dreams were made of, not the empty hopes and failed properties of those who can't figure out how to unload them.

No, it's not bad for everyone.  There are still the big yachts that the Republican high rollers are looking to dock here in Tampa for the convention.  We all feel for their inconvenience, their lack of a chance to lord it over those who get to walk past and watch the on-board parties they've not gotten invited to. 

And that's the way it is, as Walter Cronkite once put it, and that's why people are so angry, so angry at Obama, the Republican establishment, at us in the media, at anyone they can be angry at, anyone who will listen to their pain, the pain that comes the nastiest to those who thought things would end up better. 

Didn't we all? 

I've said id before, this is going to one hot convention when they meet down here in later August. And Mitt Romney is not the right guy to be standing up there, with his hair neat, and his life so together.  They - the Republicans red hots - want someone to match their madness - And Newt, in some mad way, is just what the doctor - or the devil - ordered.