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Matthews: 'Get ready for the worst' as GOP makes last attempts to defeat Obama

Let me finish tonight with this.The Republican campaign to win back the presidency has two vital elements.The first is this effort to kill the voting strength o

Let me finish tonight with this.

The Republican campaign to win back the presidency has two vital elements.

The first is this effort to kill the voting strength of the Obama supporters. This is a state-by-state campaign to shorten early voting hours and establish voter photo ID laws.

The second is an effort to anger whites into voting against the first African-American president. Look at the in-your-face Romney ad saying that Obama is giving out welfare cheques and killing the work requirements—doing it, he admits, to serve his political base.   

Now we have the link-up.

The Republican lawmaker in Pennsylvania who sponsored the voter photo ID card law, the one the top Republican in the legislator said would allow Romney to win the state in November, says that people who can't comply with the law's rigorous requirements are simply too "lazy" to go through rigermoral, too "lazy" to even worry about.  

So there we have it: the plan. Keep blacks from voting, spread the word that blacks are too "lazy" to work, too "lazy" to get the ID cards they just sent them bird-dogging to go fetch. This is pretty basic, don't you think? Think black people don't get it? Think they don't recognize the old Jim Crow tactics of shutting down voting—poll taxes, literacy tests, you name it—and then stirring up racial resentment against them: insult added to injury; insult that leads to more injury. If the black turn-out is lower, they'll pile on and say, "You lost it yourselves."  

Get ready for the worst. Get ready for the last gasp by the vote killers to get their voter ID law through the courts, the last gasp to ignite white hot hostility to Obama. This isn't new but what a shame for this country that's it still happening?  

If you agree, say something. There's been too much quiet about this thing, especially from white people. Black people saw it from the start.