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Matthews: Bill Clinton has become 'the No. 1 Advance Man'

Let me finish tonight with this.Bill Clinton is going to play a big role in American politics for years to come.

Let me finish tonight with this.

Bill Clinton is going to play a big role in American politics for years to come. It looks increasingly likely that Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2016. It looks increasingly likely that Bill Clinton is already at work preparing the way. As we say in politics, he's become the No. 1 Advance Man.

We saw this week in Pennsylvania the former President's readiness to help candidates who are solid Clinton people against those who were not. We saw how he helped Mark Critz against Jason Altmire in that congressional primary, helped Katherine Kane against Pat Murphy for AG--rewards and paybacks accordingly. He's posting the rewards for past loyalty, the bounties for the other. 

I know what you know about this interesting dance the Clintons have been having with President Obama. Hillary Clinton has served with high competence as Secretary of State. Bill Clinton has accepted whatever role the Obama people have accorded him.  

Whatever Hillary Clinton may decide, it's a fair bet that Bill Clinton wants her to be President. They began as a team. They will end that way.

The good thing, at least potentially in this tango between the Clintons and Obama, is that it can, if played properly, help both.  

There is nothing more important for a political party than to to appear broad. Having the Clinton people aboard the Obama re-election campaign is a plus anyway you look at it. Combining the Obama and Clinton votes was the key to winning the election in November. It will be again in 2012.

The smart move for both the Clintons and Obama is to keep the peace through November.