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Let Me Start: Biden is just as likely to run as he is not to run

From 2016 speculation to the 'Bridgegate' investigation that continues to unfold, here are a few headlines we're reading today...

THE BIDEN THEORY: "Every one of the dozen Biden friends I interviewed predicted he wouldn’t actually run for president in 2016. Then again, every single one also said it wouldn’t be a surprise if he jumped in at the last minute to “keep this great ride going as long as possible,” as one veteran Biden staffer told me." (Politico)

Programming note: Politico's Glenn Thrush, who wrote the profile of the vice president linked above, will be on Hardball tonight at 7p ET to discuss.

REVEALING: "David Wildstein, whose “Got it” reply to an aide of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie triggered four days of traffic jams at the George Washington Bridge, has told lawmakers the identities of e-mail users with whom he discussed the matter." (Bloomberg)

CRUZ'S MEDIA BLITZ: "The firebrand conservative also discussed divisions within the Republican Party, a topic he is often associated with. While Cruz said he likes rumored potential 2016 GOP primary challengers New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, he disagrees with Republican leadership.

Asked to respond to the name Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in one word, Cruz said, “Leader.”

“That is what is stenciled on his door,” Cruz said, asked to elaborate. Pressed on whether McConnell should be leader, he said, “That is a decision for the conference to make.”" (Politico)

CRITICIZING CHENEY: ""Vice President Cheney is one of the architects of the worst foreign policy disaster of the 21st century," Eaton said. "We're young, but the decision to attack Iraq, and to do so in such an incompetent manner, does not give him a platform to say anything about the foreign policy under execution today."" (Huffington Post)