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Let Me Start: All over the map

What are we to make of the recent polling?

What are we to make of the recent polling? The latest Gallup polls have shown a sizable lead for Mitt Romney nationally, but that lead doesn't seem to be showing up anywhere else--and it's not reflected in the key battleground states. So what do the polls tell us about where this race really stands with 19 days of campaigning to go?

Our new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls show President Obama with a healthy lead in Wisconsin and Iowa. In Virginia, a new PPP poll shows the race is effectively tied.

Both campaigns are fiercely fighting for the Latino vote in three key swing states: Nevada, Colorado and Florida.

Congressman Joe Walsh is no stranger to making outrageous comments, and now he says that abortion never saves the life of the mother. Actress Kathleen Turner is an activist for women's rights and a Planned Parenthood board member and she'll join us on Hardball tonight.

And finally, there were lots of laughs from President Obama and Mitt Romney at the Al Smith Dinner last night, including one that the president lobbed at our own Chris Matthews. Watch both Obama and Romney's roasts here.