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Let Me Start...


Pres. Obama pushed gay marriage and told jokes at the expense of George Clooney in a star-studded Hollywood fundraiser that netted a whopping $15 million for the president's re-election campaign. It's the largest presidential fundraiser ever.


Meanwhile Republicans leaders are steering clear of the same-sex marriage issue, at least publicly. But when will Republican strategists start using the issue behind the scenes to drive up evangelical votes against Pres. Obama?


Mitt Romney and his supporters say the bullying Romney allegedly took part in as a prep school student don't reflect who he is today. But certainly the way he faced those allegations this week reflect who he is now -- first he had an aide deny that he remembered an especially cruel episode where he led a gang of boys who forcibly cut another boy's hair because they didn't like its length or color. Then Romney apologized for anyone who may have taken offense in his behavior but said he didn't remember. Yet several other named classmates did remember the episode, so why can't Romney? 


And the defense is about to present its side of the story in the John Edwards trial. The prosecution wrapped up its often gut-wrenching case yesterday.