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Here We Go AgainDebt Ceiling Fight...

Here We Go Again

Debt Ceiling Fight... the Sequel: House Speaker John Boehner is promising another bruising battle over raising the debt ceiling -- this time right in the middle of the presidential election campaign. Boehner has become Mitt Romney's top ally on Capitol Hill, and this move is part of a multi-pronged assault by the Romney campaign to portray President Obama as an ineffective steward of the economy. But it's grossly irresponsible to go back on last year's deal and hold the nation's credit rating hostage again for more domestic spending cuts while maintaining the Bush tax cuts. Once again, the Republicans are proving they're not a governing party, but a party of no.


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14 female Republican members of the House say their party is the "real party for American women."


Grover Norquist argues Mitt Romney's best choice for running mate is Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal.


And in Nebraska last night, the establishment was beaten by a state senator seeking statewide office for the first time: Deb Fischer has captured the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate, and now she'll face off against former senator Bob Kerrey for the seat. Fischer was endorsed by Sarah Palin late in the primary campaign.