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Let Me Start...

 And Friday's economic news surely was bad for Pres.


And Friday's economic news surely was bad for Pres. Obama's re-election hopes, but as Paul Krugman points out, we know how the economy would be under Republican control because we're pretty much living in a Republican economy already.


Conservatives on the far right are criticizing Mitt Romney for pulling punches against Pres. Obama.


Meanwhile the Obama campaign is out with its first attack ad against Mitt Romney's economic record in Massachusetts.


Bill Clinton says his words about Mitt Romney's career in business at Bain Capital were twisted.


Voters go to the polls tomorrow in Wisconsin's gubernatorial recall election -- and the final PPP poll of the campaign shows the race between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett tightening.


A Walker victory would be a crushing blow to labor, and a bad omen for Pres. Obama's chances of winning the state in the fall.


Nancy Pelosi calls Hillary Clinton "our shot" to win in 2016.