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Let Me Start...

Here's what's catching our eyes this morning:We start today awaiting President Obama's News Conference.

Here's what's catching our eyes this morning:

We start today awaiting President Obama's News Conference. He's scheduled to meet the press in the East Room of the White House at 11:15 am ET. Look for questions on same-sex marriage, the war in Afghanistan, the mission in Libya, and the stalled budget negotiations.

It looks like President Obama got it right with his plan to begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. A new Gallup poll finds nearly three-quarters of Americans approve his strategy for coming home.


In what's becoming a familiar refrain, here's another story about a Republican governor and buyers remorse. Gov. Rick Scott of Florida has the lowest approval rating of any governor in the country. And Republicans are worried his unpopularity could tip the scales for President Obama in next year's presidential election.


Who's the most popular governor in America? It just may be New York's Andrew Cuomo. He's at 64 percent approval after signing same-sex marriage into law last week. And the 2016 buzz is already starting.


We saw Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann virtually tied in Iowa. Now a poll out of New Hampshire finds she's got the momentum. Romney still leads with 36 percent, but his number is steady. Meanwhile, Bachmann's on the move -- in New Hampshire and among Republicans nationwide.


Speaking of Bachmann, Tom Petty is none to pleased that she used his tune "American Girl" after announcing her presidential campaign Monday. His camp is asking Bachmann not to use the song, but she might not have gotten the message.


Finally, Sarah Palin says she's still thinking about running for president. Really? Or is she envious of all the attention and headlines the serious Republican candidates are generating? She's got to know that once she says she's not running, the media spotlight will turn off. So is she just teasing us, and if so, why are we talking about her?