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Let Me Start...

Happy Friday, but not at the White House.First up this morning is the anemic jobs numbers.

Happy Friday, but not at the White House.

First up this morning is the anemic jobs numbers. The economy added the fewest jobs in nine months and the unemployment rate ticked up to 9.2%, clouding hopes of an economic recovery. Republicans will seize upon the bad news, despite the fact that they've spent more than two years thwarting President Obama at virtually every turn. How the White House handles this grim news -- and where it goes from here -- is our big story today.


One way Republicans will undoubtedly use today's jobs report is to extract deeper cuts and more concessions from President Obama during their negotiations over the debt ceiling. The two sides are still far apart as the President reconvenes with Congressional leaders this Sunday.


Hear the roar on the left? They're not happy at the mere suggestion that changes could be on the table for Medicare and Social Security. Paul Krugman writes in his New York Times column today that President Obama's rightward drift is a major concern for progressives.


Across the pond, the News of the World hacking scandal is widening. This morning, a former aide to Prime Minister David Cameron was arrested. How cozy are the Tories with Rupert Murdoch's empire?


And in the wake of Casey Anthony's acquittal on murder charges, do missing children laws need to be changed? There's a movement pushing for Caylee's Law, which would require parents to report missing children within 24 hours.