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Let Me Start...

Bill Me Now...Bill Clinton hits the campaign trail for President Obama today in Florida.

Bill Me Now...

Bill Clinton hits the campaign trail for President Obama today in Florida. The former president will stump for the current one two days this week in Miami and Orlando, with future campaign trips to Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Ohio and Nevada ahead. And later this month, both President Obama and Mitt Romney will address the Clinton Global Initiative on the same day.


The new Washington Post/ABC News poll gives President Obama a six-point lead among registered voters, and a one-point edge among those who say they're likely to vote.


Just like his tax plan, Romney isn't saying how he's planning on keeping the good parts of Obamacare while repealing the rest of it. After all, without an individual mandate to increase the pool of the insured, the parts Romney says he'd keep just aren't likely to happen.


The bigger worry for the Romney camp is that they're getting nervous, and as the New York Times reports, they're trying to head off "post-convention anxieties".


Today is the 11th anniversary of the attacks of September 11th. And the New York Times Kurt Eichenwald writes that the Bush administration was warned in May of 2001 that al-Qaeda was planning to strike. And Eichenwald unveils new evidence he says suggests "more negligence" on the part of the Bush administration than has previously been disclosed.