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Let Me Start...

Good Morning! Here's what we're working on for today:The Debt Ceiling Debate: The talks are stuck and both sides are pessimistic about reaching a deal.

Good Morning! Here's what we're working on for today:

The Debt Ceiling Debate: 

The talks are stuck and both sides are pessimistic about reaching a deal. President Obama hosts a late afternoon session with Congressional leaders today. Meanwhile, he may be trying to split his opposition, playing House Speaker John Boehner against Majority Leader Eric Cantor. And what about Sen. Mitch McConnell's proposal to give President Obama the power to raise the debt ceiling himself? Conservatives say they don't like it -- some called it "surrender" -- but isn't it a cynical ploy to absolve Republicans of responsibility and box the president in? We'll see.

You can read the Wall Street Journal's endorsement of McConnell's plan here.


President Obama's record haul: The president raised more than $86 million for his re-election campaign and the D.N.C., shattering estimates of $60 million -- it's the most cash by far that any incumbent president has raised in the first quarter of a re-election campaign. Keep in mind, Mitt Romney and the other Republicans who have reported only raised $33 million total. Obama nearly tripled that.

In Los Angeles, Democrats will hold on to a House seat after Janice Hahn defeated Republican Craig Huey by about 10 points. Hahn replaces Jane Harman, who retired earlier this year.


Other election news: All six fake Democrats lost to real Democrats in primaries in Wisconsin. Republicans tried to run as Democrats in primaries, but they all lost. These are the first in a series of recall elections targeting state senators who supported Republican Gov. Scott Walker's union-busting policies.


2012: A new Quinnipiac poll has Michele Bachmann now in second place nationally among the Republicans running for president.


The Rupert Murdoch Scandal: How damaging will it be to Prime Minister David Cameron's government?