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Let Me Start...

Good Morning.In about 15 minutes we'll see the all-important jobless numbers from July.

Good Morning.

In about 15 minutes we'll see the all-important jobless numbers from July. And after yesterday's 500+ point selloff on Wall Street, the Obama campaign has its fingers crossed. The President plans remarks in the Rose Garden after the numbers are released, but what can he say to bring the number down substantially? Paul Krugman is echoing Chris in his New York Times column today. Krugman says: 

"The point is that it’s now time — long past time — to get serious about the real crisis the economy faces. The Fed needs to stop making excuses, while the president needs to come up with real job-creation proposals. And if Republicans block those proposals, he needs to make a Harry Truman-style campaign against the do-nothing G.O.P."This might or might not work. But we already know what isn’t working: the economic policy of the past two years — and the millions of Americans who should have jobs, but don’t."

Why doesn't President Obama call for a major jobs program and push the Republicans to say no? Why can't he gather the list of falling-down bridges, roads and infrastructure in the districts of his political opponents and call for a modern-day WPA to get them fixed? Don't take a bus tour, make a bold, creative jobs plan and put it to the voters. With the economy heading for a double-dip recession, that might be President Obama's best hope at re-election.


Americans hate Congress, anyway. A new New York Times/CBS poll finds the disapproval rate for Congress at a record-high 82%. And only 20% approve the Tea Party, with 43% saying they have too much power over the Republican Party. Maybe it's time for President Obama to cash in -- and push this Congress the way he wants them to go.