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Let Me Start...

A very busy Monday morning...Pres. Obama is off on his bus tour of the Midwest.

A very busy Monday morning...

Pres. Obama is off on his bus tour of the Midwest. He's greeted by his lowest ever approval rating in the Gallup daily tracking poll -- 39%. There's one way he can turn that around: a real jobs plan. Chris has been saying it for weeks, and this morning it's the lead editorial in the New York Times. But Politico explores the president's vision problem. One bit of welcome news for the White House: Warren Buffett says it's time to stop coddling the rich.


On the Republican side, it's been a huge weekend. On Saturday, Rick Perry made it official and Michele Bachmann officially became the favorite to win Iowa after emerging with a solid victory in the Ames Straw Poll. Ron Paul finished a strong second and Tim Pawlenty was a distant third, and that sent the ex-Minnesota governor packing. T-Paw's out of the race. 


Of course it's a whole new world with Perry in the race. And even before the main event -- Perry vs. Romney -- the Texas governor needs to face off with Michele Bachmann. They were together at an event yesterday in Waterloo, Iowa.


Essential reading: Paul Krugman's column today pokes some major holes in the so-called "Texas Miracle", the notion that under Governor Perry, Texas has emerged largely unscathed in the Great Recession.