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Let Me Start...

Happy Friday!That didn't take long. Has Rick Perry already lost his luster?

Happy Friday!

That didn't take long. Has Rick Perry already lost his luster? Politico's top story this morning is about how Perry's loose talk worries the Republican establishment. Comments like calling President Obama the biggest threat to the country and saying Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is "treasonous"  are already doing damage, and Perry's been in the race less than a week.


As the Republican presidential field continues its rightward shift, there's one candidate trying to pull it back to the center. Jon Huntsman actually Tweeted: "To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy." Next to the other candidates for president, Huntsman does look crazy. But to paraphrase Billy Joel, it just might be a lunatic that Republicans are looking for. Consider Perry's comments about global warming and evolution. Huntsman has a big job pulling his party back from the fringe, and he's pretty much all by himself.


Speaking of the center, Senator Jon Tester is betting his career -- and perhaps Democratic control of the Senate -- on the idea that moderation can still sell in a place like Montana.


Finally, President Obama is on his first full day of vacation on Martha's Vineyard.