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Let Me Start...

President Obama heads to Ohio today to sell his jobs plan.

President Obama heads to Ohio today to sell his jobs plan. Ohio of course is home to House Speaker John Boehner, and the president is looking to ratchet up the pressure on Boehner and other Republicans as he builds his case with the public. One way he can do that is by remembering that all politics is local -- there are thousands of projects all around the country that need to be fixed and Americans could be fixing them right now. Tonight on Hardball, we'll have the 95 -- that's right, 95 -- bridges that are considered structurally deficient in John Boehner's district. These are bridges we could be fixing now.


Politico reports on how -- after a few statements and press releases that seemed to sound a conciliatory tone towards the presidents' jobs plan -- Republicans are now back in their corner figuring out how they can defeat it.


Last night's Tea Party debate in Florida picked up right where the msnbc debate last week left off -- with Mitt Romney and Rick Perry tangling over social security. But Perry was under attack by other candidates on other issues -- most notably Michele Bachmann who suggested Perry's executive order requiring girls to be immunized against HPV was done in exchange for a campaign donation, a charge Perry denied.


The Romney campaign hopes last night starts a new chapter in the race -- and helps Romney regain his frontrunner status from Perry. Attacks from the right may be the one thing to slow down the Texas governor. Perry's natural base is on the far right and Romney stands to benefit if Perry's conservative bonafides are questioned, as they were last night. And the Republican establishment remains unconvinced that Perry is an electable candidate.


Today is the special election in that House race in New York to replace Anthony Weiner, and Democrats are really worried they're on the verge of losing the seat.