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Let Me Start...

Build Baby Build!President Obama gets back on message today to push his jobs plan.

Build Baby Build!

President Obama gets back on message today to push his jobs plan. He's heading to the Brent Spence Bridge in Cincinnati, which connects Ohio to Kentucky and is a major trucking route. The federal government says the bridge is "functionally obsolete" and is in need of immediate replacement. Thousands of other bridges across the country are in need of immediate repair -- work Americans could be doing right now -- and the President hopes his backdrop today can help bolster his case for jobs.


Can John Boehner control the Tea Party? It doesn't appear that way -- as Tea Party Republicans voted against a Republican stopgap spending bill. The bill would have funded the government after Sept. 30 and would have provided aid to victims of a string of costly recent natural disasters.


The United States Supreme Court declined a stay of execution for Troy Davis. Davis was put to death around 11pm ET -- four hours after he was due to die as the state of Georgia waited to see how the Supreme Court would act. Davis proclaimed his innocence until the end, and convinced thousands of supporters worldwide he didn't commit the murder of an off duty police officer in 1989.


Fight night for the Republicans. The Republican presidential candidates hold their sixth debate tonight in Orlando, where the hot issues of Social Security, immigration and even Israel look to feature prominently