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Let Me Start...

Democrats are trying to harness the anti-Wall Street fervor.

Democrats are trying to harness the anti-Wall Street fervor. Can they successfully use the sentiment of the Occupy Wall Street protesters to their political gain? Or are they playing with fire -- something that just might not sit well with middle America? The nexus of politics and protest tonight on Hardball.


Then - Sarah Palin's not running for president. No surprise there, but it is a reminder that the most dynamic personalities in the Republican party are staying on the sidelines. Can Mitt Romney really capture the hearts and minds of conservatives? Do Republicans want to entrust their nomination to someone like Rick Perry? Big questions for the GOP -- and they all suggest that President Obama is in better shape heading into 2012 than everyone thinks.


President Obama holds a news conference this morning at 11 et. We'll likely learn more about his tax plan to pay for the American Jobs Act.


Democrats are calling for an ethics investigation into Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas. They question his impartiality and want to know whether his associations -- and his wife's -- could constitute a conflict of interest.


And finally, we'll look at the life of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who stands alone as the most influential, creative visionary of our time. He's a symbol of American innovation, of can-do spirit, and we'll look at his contribution and what it says about our country tonight on Hardball.