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Let Me Start...

President Obama's winning strategy on the economy?

President Obama's winning strategy on the economy? The President is in Denver -- pushing a plan to help lower income college graduates pay down their student loans. And like Monday's push on foreclosure relief, the President is moving without Congress. Again, this is more about politics than policy -- it gives him a chance to paint the Republican Congress as a do-nothing bunch who's looking out for the wealthy.


And the President now has another arrow in his quiver -- a Congressional Budget Office report finds that the rich are in fact getting richer. The top one percent more than doubled their share of the nation's income over the past three decades.


Is the House in play? Democrats have reason to be hopeful they can win the 25 net seats they need to take control of the House. But they're not making any guarantees.


More facts have emerged that cast doubt on Marco Rubio's explanation about his parents. Turns out they intended to permanently move to the United States back in 1956 -- some two and a half years before Castro took power in Cuba -- so it looks like Rubio's story is an immigrant story -- not the exile one he has told as he rose to power.


Rick Perry is making good on his promise to step up attacks against Mitt Romney. Check out the video of how he went after Romney's many flip-flops.


Finally, there's a very hot debate brewing in Mississippi over when life begins. Voters will decide whether life begins at conception -- a move obviously designed to paint abortion as murder.