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TheCain Scandal: Herman Cain's still hanging tough in the polls.

TheCain Scandal: Herman Cain's still hanging tough in the polls. In the first poll since the Politico broke the story of his alleged sexual harassment in the 1990s, Cain is still statistically even with Mitt Romney at the top of the Republican field. That's according to the new ABC News/Washington Post poll. That's the political side of the story -- there are also new details this morning about one of Cain's accusers.


There's also a new USA Today/Gallup poll of 12 swing states -- and there's deep dissatisfaction about the state of the economy. President Obama actually is a point behind Mitt Romney in those 12 states, which is a statistical dead heat. And what's more, they are split 47% all nationwide. Folks, get ready for a squeaker one way or the other.


Speaking of Mitt Romney, he's giving a major economic speech today. We'll be on the lookout for any obvious Romneyesque contradictions and flip-flops.


The unease with which many conservatives view Romney coupled with Herman Cain's problems means the door might still be open for another Republican to get into the race. So surmises Nate Silver at the New York Times' blog.


And finally, watch how Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren handles a Tea Party heckler.