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Let Me Start...

Romney keeps the attacks coming.

Romney keeps the attacks coming. The Romney camp has unveiled a 60-second video blasting Newt Gingrich for his stand on Paul Ryan's budget (Newt called it right-wing social engineering earlier in the year). Couple that with Mitt's ad this week taking a not-so-subtle swipe at Gingrich's conversion to Catholicism and a lot of people are saying that Romney is beginning to look desperate. This as Politico reports that Mitt's firewall in New Hampshire may be vulnerable. Meanwhile the DNC is trying to paint Romney, who first ran for office back in 1994, as a career politician.


Remember Rick Perry? His campaign may be on life-support since his "oops" moment in that debate last month, so now he's doing everything he can to win Iowa evangelicals. What's his strategy? Attack gay Americans. Perry this week has suggested that gay rights are inconsistent with Christian AND American values (!) and a new Perry ad has managed to split his own staff.


Chris will also go one-on-one with Gingrich supporter Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA). Let's find out why so many of Gingrich's former House colleagues don't have anything nice to say about him now that he's the GOP frontrunner.