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Let Me Start...

Mitt’s big night!

Mitt’s big night! He regained momentum leading into Tuesday’s Florida Primary by channeling Newt—and using the former Speaker’s sparring tactics against him in last night’s debate. msnbc Political Analyst Howard Fineman and USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page are here to talk about Mitt’s win.

 But Mitt’s nose grew longer as the debate wore on. We’re fact-checking Mitt’s statements tonight, including his “blind trust” and his vote for former Democratic Senator Paul Tsongas in the state’s Democratic presidential primary. msnbc Political Analyst David Cornand USA Today’s Susan Milligan join us for the fact-check.

Next up: His name is invoked by Newt over and over on the campaign trail... but who is Saul Alinsky? What does he stand for, and what does it mean that Newt is channeling him? The Washington Post’s Melinda Henneberger and the Chicago Sun Times’ Lynn Sweet reported on Alinsky and they’re with us tonight.

Plus: The GOP infighting isn’t just winnowing down the field... it’s shining a spotlight on President Obama. Is the Mitt-Newt duel putting a spring in the Obama’s step?  We’ve got the latest from Obama plus new poll numbers. DNC Executive Director Patrick Gaspard and author and political commentator Ron Reagan will talk it over tonight.