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Let Me Start...

Who is Mitt Romney, anyway?

Who is Mitt Romney, anyway? Yesterday, Romney told an Ohio reporter he wasn't for a bill that would allow any employer to opt out of coverage of birth control on moral or religious grounds. He drew the ire -- again -- of conservatives before the campaign cleaned up the mess and said the question was confusing. Was the question confusing, or is Romney confusing his moderate core with the hardcore conservative he thinks he has to be to win the nomination? After all, this isn't the first time we've seen this sort of answer from Romney.


Ohio offers Santorum a chance to rebound: When you look at the 11 states voting this Tuesday, Ohio jumps off the map. A Romney win would effectively lock in the nomination. A Santorum win there -- coupled with victories in places like Oklahoma and Tennessee (where a new poll shows Santorum up by 21) -- means this ugly fight will keep going. Meanwhile, Santorum is spinning the news that he and Romney each won 15 delegates out of Michigan into a "huge win".


Politico reports that despite Romney's wins in Michigan and Arizona on Tuesday, Republicans are still pining for Jeb Bush. And Democrats are keeping an eye on him.


Chris Christie's plan may backfire: The New Jersey governor vetoed a measure that would have allowed same-sex marriage in the Garden State. He said he wanted the issue put to the voters as a referendum. Now a new Quinnipiac poll finds huge support for marriage equality in New Jersey.