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Let Me Start...

One day until Super Tuesday, and Mitt Romney has a burst of momentum.

One day until Super Tuesday, and Mitt Romney has a burst of momentum. He won the endorsements of two high-profile conservatives yesterday: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn. It's a sign the Republican party is coalescing around the former Massachusetts governor. And our new NBC News/Marist poll shows Romney now running neck and neck with Rick Santorum in Ohio: Santorum has 34% and Romney's at 32%. Quinnipiac also shows movement in Romney's direction - and he's actually ahead of Santorum in their new poll.


The really interesting story in the NBC News/Marist polling is in the general election matchups. President Obama is trouncing every Republican in both states we polled -- Ohio and Virginia. It's safe to say it would be very difficult for a Republican to win the November election if he loses both states.


Romney also won the non-binding caucuses this weekend in Washington state.


Rush Limbaugh issued an apology of sorts over the weekend for his offensive name-calling of a Georgetown Law School student. But it's not enough for his advertisers, who are fleeing El Rushbo.


Finally, Sen. Scott Brown has opened up an 8-point lead over Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren in their hotly-contested Senate race in Massachusetts.