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Let Me Start...

The show must go on...

The show must go on... Mitt Romney squeaked out a victory in Ohio last night, he won the lion's share of the delegates, but once again he failed to deliver the knockout punch he needs to sew up the Republican nomination. As Chris said during last night's coverage, "the dogs aren't eating the dog food." What is it about Mitt that makes Republicans say "meh"?


The next few weeks of the campaign won't give Romney another opportunity to put the race away. And while Rick Santorum will have a very difficult time closing the delegate gap, he can deny Romney the total number of delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. And that means were likely looking at a race that will go until April or May at the earliest. This fight might not be decided until the convention in Tampa.


And why does Newt Gingrich believe he should stay in the race? Sure he won Georgia, his home state, but he didn't finish better than third in any of the other states up for grabs last night. No second place finishes anywhere. The Santorum people are stepping up their efforts to push Newt out of the race, but today Newt vowed to fight on.


Finally, Chris talks to David Axelrod of the Obama campaign tonight on the show.