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Let Me Start...

Romney Sweeps - Let the General Election Begin.

Romney Sweeps - Let the General Election Begin. Mitt Romney's victories last night in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington DC signal the end of the primary campaign for the Republicans and the beginning of the Romney vs. Obama general election campaign. Rick Santorum is pretty much out of chances -- he'll have a lot of pressure to get out of the race rather than fight on through his home state of Pennsylvania on April 24th. Santorum risks losing his home state, which could erode the better-than-anyone-could-have-expected campaign he's run in 2012.


President Obama, too, is in campaign mode -- delivering a tough indictment of the Republicans budget plan as a "Trojan Horse" that would deepen inequality in America. And he's trying to tie Mitt Romney to it. It's clear that the Obama campaign sees Romney - a one percenter - as the walking, talking embodiment of the GOP's help-the-rich and hurt-the-poor policies. And for once, the Republicans aren't hiding what they plan to do.