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Let Me Start...

Looks like we have a fan in the Economist.

Looks like we have a fan in the Economist. The British newsweekly takes a look at the 2012 presidential race, calling it "The Hardball Campaign."


And indeed it is a Hardball campaign. The latest fight -- Barack Obama and Joe Biden are releasing their tax returns and are trying to push Mitt Romney to do the same. It's the next chapter in the Millionaire Mitt storyline -- the Obama campaign sees Romney as the walking embodiment of the one percent, and this is the next way they hope to hammer that point home.


Mitt Romney speaks at the NRA convention today. The NRA, along with ALEC and Republicans across the country, have been very effective at loosening gun laws. And there aren't many Democrats willing to fight for more gun control.


Despite poll numbers that show New Jersey governor Chris Christie at a record high level of popularity (59%), there's a lot written about how he exaggerated the cost of a major infrastructure project in order to boost his conservative bonafides. Paul Krugman makes the best case against Christie and other investment-slashing Republicans, saying they talk a lot about the future of the country, but are setting us on a course of failure. It's pretty tough stuff.


And speaking of Chris Christie, his possible future opponent Cory Booker - the mayor of Newark - saved a woman from a house fire.


Newt Gingrich is taking on Fox News for being too biased.


Finally, why is union-busting Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin using John Mellencamp's songs at his rallies? Mellencamp isn't happy about it.