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Let me finish: "We heard him and elected him our President"

Ten years ago, Barack Obama came upon the American public as a breath of fresh air.

Let me finish with this.

Ten years ago, Barack Obama came upon the American public as a breath of fresh air.  He spoke in ways that awakened our hopes, broke through the clouds of cheap politics and stormy rhetoric.

We heard him and elected him our president. Not just the minorities and other progressives, not just the African-Americans but many who beamed at the notion of electing one as our President.

"Our" president.

How many of us wanted that to be truly the case, who wanted the world to know that the belief that "all men are created equal" was as alive as the American pulse, that making it real would indeed quicken that pulse, make us a more "alive" democracy.How many of us did, yes, believe that - and still do.But how many "other" Americans saw a different reckoning when confronted with the name "Barack Obama" right there on the ballot in front of them.  How many saw that name and that face and that man with dread?  How could this be?  How could this have happened, for this man is not "our" President.   No, he is "their" president.   We will do all in our power to make that deadly clear.   We may not do it the day he's in office, but we will surely get to it - as sure as the turning of the earth.  We will get it written down somewhere that there was some mistake.  Someone left the gate open and this man got himself into the Oval Office.  You don't believe this?  Check the numbers.  57 percent of Republicans want this man run from office and thrown to the curb.  They can't come up with a reason he deserves impeachment.  But that's not their fault, not really.  You see they never went looking for a reason.  They never needed one. It was not what he did.  It was, from the outset, who he was.