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Let Me Finish: The "embarrassment" over the Iran Letter

Let me finish with this. President Obama said he's "embarrassed" for the 47 Republican senators

Let me finish with this.  President Obama said he's "embarrassed" for the 47 Republican Senators -- most of whom got snookered into that letter to the Ayatollahs.

I would be embarrassed, too, when it emerged that the man behind the letter was the country's number-one cheerleader for the Iraq War.  Here they are, pretending to be independent-minded American conservatives, caught being ready acolytes of Mr. Neo-Con.

Don't they have any pride?  Don't Republicans want to be known as thinking Americans, people who care about this country protecting itself?  Why would they want to be suckers for the latest propaganda move by the neo-conservatives?  Is this Mitch McConnell's way of "leading from behind"?

I'm sorry.  That's Bill Kristol, his fundraising group and his magazine doing the leading from behind.  First, he does 20 articles promoting an unknown Congressman from Arkansas, much as he once pushed a nice-looking senator from Indiana and once pushed a politician from Alaska to sing his song for him.

He then "consults" his rural body into circulating a letter to 46 other Republican senators, then has him call for "regime change." If I wasn't paying attention, I'd be thinking this was "W" all over again, another thinly-aware recruit to Kristol's op-ed writing, letter writing cotillion.  This is the Neo-Con's M.O. to a T with yet another rural personality to join the team of Quayle, Palin, and W.

He may not have a war coming but Kristol's certainly got the cheerleaders lining up.