Let Me Finish: GOP strategy to offset demographic change

Let me finish with what appears to be the Republican strategy to offset demographic change.

When you think about it, the thing is quite basic.

Okay, we in the U.S. have a growing minority population, a younger minority population that will over time convert the number of white Americans into a minority of the population.

How do you deal with that quandary?  I mean, given the fact your party builds its numbers on older white people?  How?

You make it harder for minorities to vote.

Let's start in Wisconsin whose voter I.D. law just got a kiss from the Republican-led Supreme Court.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus listens to a speaker during a news conference Thursday, July 19, 2012, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt...

Wisconsin is the home state of Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus, the man who has been the generalissimo of the voter suppression movement across the country.  It may also be the home of the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, Governor Scott Walker.

So the way we might chart this thing for Reince's candidate to beat the Democratic candidate, say, Hillary Clinton, is to cut back on the regular Democratic, older African American voters.  How about that for a deal, for a Reince Priebus strategy?

Well, it's on the move, starting with Wisconsin.  The state where the Republican party of Abraham Lincoln was founded will now be the starting point of the Reince Priebus party effort to curtain minority voters.

Richard Nixon's southern strategy is nothing compared to the Reince Priebus strategy.  Getting segregationist-minded white people to vote for it in 1968 is nothing compared to killing the right of minorities to vote for your opponent in 2016.

Think about it.  Is there some prize this makes Mr. Priebus eligible for?