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Let Me Finish: Donald Trump and the issue he's raising

Let me finish with some thoughts on Donald Trump and the issue he is raising: illegal immigration.

Let me finish tonight with some words about Donald Trump. 

It comes down to the issue he's raising...illegal immigration.

There's a reason why he's hitting this particular issue.  It's an old political rule for winning: go after the issue you know people support but know as well that other politicians are unable to touch.  Go where they can't go.

Why don't other Republicans attack illegal immigration?  For the simple reason that the Republican party has refused to take action to deal with it.  Look at that bill that's passed the senate that's sitting over in the Republican-led House.  Look at it sitting there, with leaders like Speaker John Boehner refusing to even bring it to a vote.

So here comes Donald Trump talking about the problem of illegal immigration.  He's all alone for the simple reason the Republican candidates may say they share his gut anger about the failure of this government to control the borders or stop illegal hiring, they are not willing to bite the bullet and pass the Senate bill. 

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They're not willing to agree to a measure (even a tough one on illegal hiring) that allows some people to work their way to citizenship.

That leaves Donald Trump out there all alone talking to the angry voter.

And because the Republican party has no immigration action to stand on, Trump is the only game in town.  He knows it.  They know it.  That's why he's tripling down on this, why his Republican rivals are just hoping he'll stop.  Because they themselves have abdicated their chance to be taken seriously...because they themselves haven't taken illegal immigration seriously.  

From Nikki Haley we know what it looks like for a politician to take action.  She took down that flag.

From the Republicans in the United States House of Representatives we know what it looks like for politicians to do nothing, and Donald Trump has reached down and grabbed the ball.