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Larry King has been 'great company' to many

Let me finish tonight with Larry King. Back in the 1970s when I first got involved in politics, I made a couple of road trips out West to Utah.

Let me finish tonight with Larry King.Back in the 1970s when I first got involved in politics, I made a couple of road trips out West to Utah.Larry King, no matter that he didn't know me from Adam, was my driving buddy – because when you drive into the night it's good to have someone staying awake with you.Larry King has been great company – great company for the long-haul driver of the big rig and for people like my wife Kathleen's grandmother, a conservative Daughter of the American Revolution who loved having this guy from Brooklyn come through her earphones as she lay in bed at night alongside Kathy's grandfather.Larry got me started in broadcasting in the late 80s after my years with Tip O'Neill. He had me on in the middle of the night with his old radio show on Mutual.Now that he's announced he's quitting his regular show, I can admit there's nothing like a good Larry King impression. David Gregory does a great one.Here's mine: "Copenhagen, Denmark! What's your question?"Somewhere all too soon, Mr. King, we're going to be out there on the highway, listening to satellite radio, looking for your voice in the night. We're not going to hear you, and, boy, are we going to miss it.Not because of your questions, tried and true as you've made them over the years – "Dja still love her?" Dja watch yourself in the movies? How 'bout the nude scenes?" No, not only that, but because, as the guy out there on the road and my wife's waspy Grandmother never got to say, You, Mr. Larry King, just happen to be darn good company.

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